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Great Person

To whom it may concern, I would like to extend my appreciation. I am Mr. Pena, someone who is greatly indebted to this lawyer, as he took my cousin's case with his focus not being on monetary compensation. She was undergoing legal troubles with immigration, but thankfully we were aided by Hudson Law Group PLLC. "It is a pleasure to greet you and hope you are in good health. The purpose of this letter is to thank you for everything you did for me. For taking me out of the suffering I was living in and treating me so kindly. God will bless you for being such a great person. You and the interpreter are always in my prayers. You have no idea how much joy I have in being with my family and my daughter. as they were what kept me fighting during those 6 long months. I hope God blesses you and your family.


Straight Forward and Very Professional

I am very glad to have Hugh Hudson as my Attorney. He is straight forward and very professional, he will guide you correctly and give you the step by step instructions to process your case. I highly recommend Attorney Hugh Hudson.

-Ukaegbu O.


Very professional, friendly, trustworthy and competitive, and his work is amazing.

-Alberto A.

Highly Impressed

This office has a very personal yet professional vibe. It's not every day that a corporate office can make you feel valued, like an individual and not a number. I was highly impressed and pleasantly surprised by the service I received. Attorney Hudson's negotiation skills are unparalleled as well as his attentiveness and dedication. It was difficult for me to put my trust in a system that's so flawed but I'm so glad that I did. Thank you TLOHAH!!

-Lasonya W.

This Law Office Has Heart!

In this area, there is no shortage of lawyers and it is easy to find one to help you out. But I urge you to consider how many of them pick up their own phones? Call you back themselves? Send you emails to check up on you? Sit down with you like a normal person and talk to you on your level without any pressure or rushed attitude? This law office has heart! Hugh. has heart! He has always been a phone call away and very responsive to messages, both calls and emails. He is professional and knowledgeable. Have you ever wondered if your lawyer understood you or was simply nodding and going through the motions? Hugh understands and cares. When I sit down with him, he is like a respectable and educated family member helping me through a problem I have. I have no complaints and only praise! When other lawyers wanted $200 for a 30-minute phone call in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, he called me himself and talked about the details of my situation for free. then we sat down together (under safe circumstances) to look at my paperwork and he answered all further questions of mine. If you need a lawyer for any immigration issues. please come to Hugh Hudson! You won't be disappointed

-Cassandra F.

Efficient, Professional, and Personable!

Attorney Hudson provides excellent legal services demonstrating professionalism and personal attention to all stages of litigation. He puts his excellent knowledge of immigration lam alongside his passion to help serve others on full display. Attorney Hudson is efficient, professional, and personable!

-Cassandra S.


Hugh Hudson listened to my immigration problem and was able to suggest several ways of how the problem could be solved. He gave me the means to take next steps. I was very pleased with my consultation. I will certainly go back to him if other problems should arise.

-Juila G.

HLG the Right Choice

I was seeking an immigration lawyer for a friend and Google led me to Hudson Law Group. After reading Attorney Hudson profile I knew he was the right choice. Their professionalism says it all. My friend is now smiling for the great work they had put in.I will be recommending others to this team. Great work.

-Janice A.


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

-Saida L.

Very Satisfied

I'm very satisfied with the Hugh Hutson law Office, for their total commitment and responsibility also their respect and confidentiality with their clients. I'll recommend them always.

-Llewellyn H.