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Case Results

Asylum/Bond: Client entered the US from through Mexican/US boarder in TX where she surrendered to border patrol and was taken into ICE’s custody. After weeks in immigration detention, she reached out to HLG for help. Attorney Hudson and staff acted swiftly and secured a release on Immigration Bond and united Client with her family in California as we await her asylum hearing at a later date.

Withholding of Removal: Client entered the US from Guatemala where he was raped and beaten by gang members. This was Client’s second time entering the US as he was once deported expeditiously on his first attempt. Client was detained at the Elizabeth, NJ, Detention Center where HLG agreed to represent him. Attorney Hudson, in a few weeks, obtained a Withholding of Removal status for Client.

DACA. After being brought to the US as a child and has lived his childhood and if fear. Client came to HLG and in just a few months he was granted DACA and authorization to work in the US.

NOID: At his adjustment of status interview Client was accused fraud by USCIS. USCIS officer accused Client of fraud by misrepresenting his marital status on his visitor’s visa application 10 years ago. HLG got involved, issued a letter to USICS and Client was granted a green card in 2 months.

Adjustment of Status: Came into the US to visit his girlfriend, two weeks later the airports were closed due COVID 19. Client decided to get married and stay in the US. Client retained HLG to adjust his status. Client received his green card in 7 months.

NOID: Client came from Jamaica, married a USC wife and was granted a conditional green card. However, his marriage did not work out. Wife later called USCIS and indicated that Client married her for a green card. She also indicated to USCIS that Client forged her signatures on the immigration paperwork. TLOHAH got involved after USCIS issued him a notice of Intent to Deny his conditional removal application and take away his green card.

HLG crafted an unyielding response to USCIS which resulted in USCIS removing all conditions and granting Client a 10-green card. Client has since committed to never letting any other lawyer work on any immigration matter for him and has hired HLG to petition for his children.