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Visas for Professionals & Business People Attorney in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Our Firm Provides Advice and Services Regarding:young businessman on phone outside building

  • Visas for executive, managers, and employees of international firms (L-1A and L-1B visa)

  • Temporary work visas for professionals (H-1B visa)

  • Treaty Trader visas (E-1 visa)

  • Treaty Investor visas (E-2 visa)

Are You a Business Professional?
  • Visas for people in business, the arts, athletics, sciences, education and the motion picture or television industry (O visa)

  • Licensed nurse visas (H-1A visa)

  • NAFTA visas for Canadian and Mexican citizens (TN visa)

  • Labor certification and PERM

  • And other immigration services for professional and skilled workers

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